Anita Calchi Novati

Permanent Author

Anita’s main area of interest includes the migratory processes that affect our world and she is very interested in analysing how the European institutions, but also the international organizations, deal with these movements. She would like to examine different approaches to migration, in particular to the integration and support of refugees and internally displaced persons.

Anita has studied Social Sciences for Globalization at the University of Milan and she has decided to continue her academic studies with the World Politics and International Relations course at the University of Pavia. Her aim was to understand the political, social, economic and legal context in which her study of migration should take place. In particular, she wanted to analyse how the international, regional and national institutions and organizations can cooperate to create a broader and stronger system of assistance and integration for vulnerable categories, such as refugees and in general migrants.

Anita is currently finalizing her master’s thesis on the phenomenon of return migration in Senegal, examining the different perspectives of various actors involved, such as returnees interviewed in Senegal and Senegalese migrants interviewed in Italy. She has discovered her interest in this topic after an internship she did in Senegal. Anita has indeed just spent 3 months in Senegal working for an Italian NGO active on the issue of return migration. She has worked for a project of international cooperation aimed at the socio-economic reintegration of returnees in the region of Thiès. In addition, she had numerous volunteering experiences both in Italy, for example as a Scout guide or as a volunteer for Save the Children working with refugee children, and around Europe, working in Romanian orphanages for 5 summer camps. All these experiences have led her to see contemporary phenomena from a different and more critical perspective.

As a permanent author, Anita will research on the issue of migration and she will publish articles on a regular basis.