About Us.

A Path for Europe (PfEU) is a Berlin-based independent non-profit think tank focusing on EU affairs. Through future-oriented policy research and debate, PfEU aims to develop innovative policy solutions and promote policymaking that can make the EU fit for tomorrow. PfEU is unique in that it is entirely led by and comprised of young researchers and policy talents, aiming to give them an opportunity to have an active voice and platform in today’s policy sphere.

Research and Policy Advice

Our core team conducts research and policy advice on four crucial policy fields, specifically Migration, Environment, EU Foreign Affairs & Security, and Trade/Finance/(Digital) Internal Market. Our young team has excellent academic records and proven experience in conducting research and policy advice. Our internal multi-layered review process guarantees a high-quality work.

Diversity and Pluralism of Opinions

We believe that the European Union can only benefit from a debate about its future. There is no clear path for the European Union. As an independent research organisation, we are promoting a wide range of thoughts and are a strong believer in European diversity. Our local events complement our research work and provide the opportunity to bring different groups together.

Engagement for Europe

A Path for Europe (PfEU) aims at fostering engagement for Europe. In addition to our focus on research activities as a think tank, we further aim at building up Future Hubs across the European Union. This event and engagement platform is the place for Europe’s young generation to develop and discuss thoughts on the future of the European Union together with experts and decision-makers. We see our organisation as an intermediary between the young generation, research and decision-makers.