EU Update - June, 2021

June marks the end of Portugal’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. As Slovenia prepares to take the role, it is clear that momentum is building behind many key geopolitical topics: the upcoming German federal election, the renewed coordination between the EU & the US, multilateral talks following the G7 ahead of the COP26 in November and increasing discussion around topics concerning China and Russia. The EU Update covers specific elements of these topics and provides insight into the implications for the EU.

The Migration section covers a new initiative to match skilled workers from third countries with areas of EU skills shortages.

The Foreign Affairs & Security section covers the discussions and joint statement on EU—US relations and topics covered at the 24—25 June European Council meeting.

The Democracy & Governance section covers the adoption of Hungary’s legislation pertaining to the portrayal of sex changes & homosexuality to minors.

The Environment section covers the monumental approval of the European Climate Law.

The Finance and Trade section covers, amongst others, the NextGenerationEU and the Digital Euro.