Kosovo’s Track to Europeanization: Moving beyond top-down mechanisms

Europeanization has transformed from an aspiration to an obligation and this in term has created a need for sacrificing internal democracy in terms of EU integration. Subsequently, in most cases, this results in not only a lack of implementation but more importantly a lack of ability to implement legislation. The difference being that lack of implementation may come due to lack of political will, whilst lack of ability to implement comes from the weak absorption of transformative power that the EU intends to achieve. […]

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Out of the Shadows: Embracing RegTech solutions in the NBFI sector

The Shadow Banking sector in the EU has grown significantly over the past two decades, establishing itself as a concern for regulators following the global financial crisis. This policy paper evaluates the potential risks the sector presents, as well as the complexities for regulators in adequately addressing these risks. […]

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The Future of EU-UK Relations: Towards a Strong Partnership

On 24th December 2020, the EU reached an agreement with the UK on the terms of their future cooperation after four years of intensive negotiation. Building a strong EU-UK partnership in a post-Brexit Europe is indeed in their interest. […]

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