EU Update - September, 2020

August saw a wide array of events rock the European Union, from the resignation of the Trade Commissioner to the challenges surfaced from the election results in Belarus.

In EU Foreign Affairs and Security tensions continued heightening between Turkey and Greece and the European Council declared that it did not recognise the results of the Belarusian election.

The Finance, Trade and (Digital) Internal Market section provides an overview of the EU’s investigation of COVID-19 vaccinations and its first agreement on a potential vaccine, as well as the resignation of the Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan

In terms of Migration, August was again marked by the large number of immigrants who are stuck in the Greek Islands, barred from the Italian and Maltese coasts and crossing the Channel into England.

Finally, the Environment section discusses revisions to two of cornerstone climate and energy legislative packages including proposals to raise the EU’s climate target for 2030 and consultation on the  Renewable Energy Directive (REDII)

While September brings the Union closer to the beginning of the finalisation of Brexit negotiations and near to the mid-point of the German Presidency of the European Council, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and inter-country relations continue to keep the Union on its toes.

EU update – September, 2020