PfEU and its mission

A Path for Europe (PfEU) is a Berlin-based independent non-profit think tank focusing on EU affairs. Through future-oriented policy research and debate, PfEU aims to develop innovative policy solutions and promote policymaking that can make the EU fit for tomorrow. PfEU is unique in that it is entirely led by and comprised of young researchers and policy talents, aiming to give them an opportunity to have an active voice and platform in today’s policy sphere.

Our work in a nutshell

PfEU's 3 pillars

Pillar 1: Research and Policy Advice with a focus on EU policy

Pillar 2: Fostering European integration through our Future Hubs

Pillar 3: Training young thinkers and providing opportunities

Our vision

PfEU aims to become a leading think tank for European Affairs with high-quality and innovative research and future-oriented policy advice. We believe that our unique two-tier approach of combining a think tank with an engagement platform is the best way to ensure that we contribute valuable ideas for a bright European future.

Why we need you

With a strong support network, we will be able to maintain our independence, which means that we can focus on the big challenges of our time and work on policy solutions for problems that are sometimes overseen or ignored.

With your support, we will expand our research activities exponentially and will be able to further professionalise our work, train more young talents and have more impact on policy-making.

Wondering how to support us?


Our visions are big, help us achieve them

Our work relies on private donations. If you find our work interesting and would like to support our cause, you can donate to PfEU. No matter how much you can give, every single euro supports our research and our efforts of equipping young people with valuable experience and knowledge. We also offer the opportunity to sponsor a research programme, an event or a specific project.

And: As a charitable organisation (gemeinnütziger Verein), we can issue a donation receipt upon request.

The easiest is to directly transfer to our bank account:

Account holder: A Path for Europe (PfEU) e.V.
IBAN: DE45 4306 0967 1224 3860 00



PfEU’s membership offers to bring on board a wide range of stakeholders – from professionals working in EU public policy, academia, the private sector, civil society groups and think tanks to young PhD and university students. Together we promote future-oriented research and work on valuable policy advice that ensure a prosperous future for the EU and its citizens.

If you want to learn more about how to become a PfEU member and the memberships benefits click here.