EU Update - February, 2021

February was a mercurial month; businesses started noticing the effects of the Brexit Agreement, recriminations started flying regarding EU COVID-19 vaccination delivery and the globe was marked by events such as the Myanmar military coup. This didn’t slow the pace of EU policy and developments, and, each of our EU policy areas saw its own share of turmoil.

The Environment section covers many initiatives promoting collaborative work towards a more sustainable future, including the announcement of the ‘Make Peace with Nature’ report and the 5th session of the UN Environment Assembly.

The EU Foreign Affairs and Security section covers the EU’s response to the military coup in Myanmar, EU-Russian relations and the European External Action Service response to the wars in Ethiopia and Yemen.

The Finance, Trade and (Digital) Internal Market segment recaps the European Commission’s new trade strategy, updated deals with China and Japan and the Union’s ongoing effort to recover from the economic damage wrought by COVID-19.