EU Update - January, 2021

December saw a number of significant developments across the EU, from the delivery of the first COVID-19 vaccination to the historic EU – UK Trade andCooperation Agreement. In January these developments kept apace, setting the tone for an ambitious (and potentially challenging) year across all aspects of EU policy.

The EU Foreign Affairs and Security highlights recent debates about strategic autonomy, a new declaration calling for non-violence and the debate on sanctions in light of the protests in Russia.

The Environment section focuses on new (and rejoining) climate policy players, recent climate diplomacy announcements, and key emissions reduction targets.

The Finance, Trade and (Digital) Internal Market segment recap two major developments that took place at the end of 2020 and the outlook for 2021, where three points are described regarding the EU trade relations with third countries, its financial policy for 2021, and the start of the Digital EuropeProgramme.

The Migration section covers the ongoing humanitarian crisis at EU borders and current developments that are addressing the matter.

Finally, you can find the new section ‘What you missed’ with the information and links related to our first PolicyPaper Launch on the Future of EU-UK Relations.