Mattis Leson | Permanent Author

15 June, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for many revolutionary developments. With the need to adapt quickly to our rapidly changing environment, ideas suddenly surfaced that were politically unthinkable...

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The Black Sea region is gaining importance in the international and European security agenda. A number of key issues such as increased militarisation, the continuing importance of the region’s vast natural resources,...

Freddie Whitlow | Permanent Author

28 May, 2021
As is well reported on by now, Belarusian authorities ordered a Ryanair flight traveling from Athens to Vilnius to make an emergency landing in Minsk just a few days ago. The flight was accompanied by...

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Thoughts on the Future of the European Union
Follow us as we share the young generation's thoughts on EU's future


We are a modern think tank.

PfEU is more than a traditional think tank. We are an open and independent network of young researchers focussing on the future of the European Union. We believe that the young generation should be more involved in shaping the EU of tomorrow. By conducting research and policy advice and by organising events and seminars in our Future Hubs, we foster engagement for Europe and open up research.

We are the young generation.

It is our generation that will live in the Europe of tomorrow. Therefore our think tank exclusively features young researchers. We provide them with the opportunity to gain experience in research and policy advice and to influence policy making. We focus on EU’s future and assess current policies.


Our young team conducts research across a number of policy fields that we consider of high relevance for EU’s future and for Europeans. Our research is overseen and managed by our board and our research associates who publish research articles and longer reports together with our authors from across Europe.

Policy Advice

We provide policy advice to EU institutions and their stakeholders as we believe that the young generation must play a more important role in shaping the EU of tomorrow. As part of a truly European generation, we think outside national patterns and believe in the advantages of the EU. By sharing our views, we aim at making the EU better.

Future Hubs

By organising dialogues between EU stakeholders and the young generation and by explaining the functioning and impact of the EU through seminars, our Future Hubs are an important corner stone of our bottom-up approach as an innovative think tank.

Policy Fields

We conduct research and policy advice across a number of policy fields.

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