The EU-Mexico Trade Agreement: New Opportunities for European exports?

The EU-Mexico Trade Agreement recently concluded on April 28th after four years of negotiations. This new agreement is the update of a previous one completed between the EU and Mexico in 2000, the EU-Mexico Global Agreement. The necessity to replace the old agreement is justified by two reasons, namely the importance to include within the document aspects which go beyond trade and the need to regulate a quantity of trade exchanges that has tripled in the last nineteen years. […]

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Post Covid-19: Can EU – Western Balkans Cooperation Prevail Over Chinese Competition?

The pandemic we are currently experiencing has had a strong impact on numerous countries around the world. The twenty-seven EU Member States are no exception. The European Union is currently trying to respond to the internal crisis as a result of COVID-19, mainly by providing instruments to combat the economic recession that has followed in wake of the pandemic. […]

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The EU – Vietnam Trade Agreement: new perspectives for European Trade

In June 2019 the EU concluded a Trade and Investment protection Agreement with Vietnam. The signature came three years and a half after the end of the negotiations, in 2015.

The Agreement is one of the numerous trade agreements recently negotiated and concluded by the EU. Among these, the CETA, the Agreement between EU and Canada and the EU-Japan Economic partnership. […]

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