Puneeth Parimisetty

Guest Author

Puneeth Parimisetty is a guest author for a Path for Europe. His areas of interest include the European Monetary Union, Development Economics, Social Impact, Labour mobility & Welfare, Sustainable Finance, and Circular Economy.

Puneeth is currently a Master of Public Policy student at the Hertie School in Berlin. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration specialising in Human Resource Management from Alliance University, with an exchange semester at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Puneeth has written his bachelor thesis with one of the largest private companies in India, researching the effects of training and development on employee performance. He continues to explore the domains of Human Resource Development and Employee Engagement in the public sector during his master studies. Puneeth possesses a plethora of professional experience both in the private and public sectors.  His engagement as a policy research associate for a political organisation during the Indian assembly elections of 2019 exposed him to various policy needs and gaps in the Indian subcontinent. This experience has motivated him to pursue a career in public policy.

As a guest author, Puneeth will publish insights on various matters relating to European economic policies and contribute to research within the Finance, Trade & (Digital) Internal Market.

Recent Publications by Puneeth Parimisetty: