Syed Tanveer Ahmed

Research Associate

Tanveer is a research associate at A Path for Europe. His curiosity makes him interested in a wide variety of fields, but he has a considerable interest in technology, digitalization and environmental policy. He also has a keen eye for cultural policy and the influence of culture in politics and society across generations. He hails from India and often juxtaposes legislations from the country of his origin and the continent he is now beginning to call home. This allows him to spend excessive amounts of time on the internet, researching not just legislation, but also pop culture, humor, philosophy and absolutely random pieces of information, and the same can be witnessed in his writings.

Tanveer holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Arts in Sociology, focused on Indian sociology. He recently completed his second master’s in public policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. His master thesis focused on the perception of Fake news across the 27 states of the European continent.  Tanveer is a native speaker in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil. He is working on his proficiency in the German language and has reached an intermediate level. His hobbies include writing and storytelling, and you can often find him at open mics across the city, trying his best to tug on the heart strings of audiences everywhere. Inside the comfort of his room, you can find him engaging in creative writing, or playing the ukulele.

As part of A Path for Europe, Tanveer will contribute to research activities, organize events, and publish articles on a periodic basis. When things come back to normal, he hopes to invite the team for his famous butter chicken.

Recent Publications by Syed Tanveer Ahmed: