Roberta Carta

Communications Associate

Roberta is a Communications Associate at A Path for Europe (PfEU). Her areas of interest include EU sanctions regimes and trade relations, mediation, EU relations with the East, and minority protection rights as such and in relation with unlawful natural resources’ exploitation. 

Roberta is enrolled at Trento University’s School of International Studies, following a multi-disciplinary Master’s in European and International Studies. She is currently working on her final Master’s thesis whose focus is on US and EU foreign affairs, tackling the negative effects that US-imposed sanctions on third party countries have on the European economy. During her academic career, she followed certified vocational training on policy note drafting provided by the EU Commission and worked alongside NGO INTERSOS on a Humanitarian Crisis Management workshop tackling humanitarian response to natural disasters and conflict. During her Master’s she was employed in the Communications department and as an Events Manager at Finabel, European Army Interoperability Centre, in the areas of EU security and defence, EU digital and technological innovation, and land forces’ interoperability.

Her Bachelor’s in Mediation and Translating Studies has provided her with expertise in Translation and Interpreting, and she is currently a voluntary translator for TranslatorsWithoutBorders. Roberta is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in English and French. Other languages she speaks are Japanese, Korean, and German. 

As a Communications Associate at A Path for Europe (PfEU), she will contribute to the think tank’s mission by managing social media and providing a successful communication strategy.