Margherita Pisoni

Permanent Author

Margherita is a permanent author for A Path for Europe (PfEU). Margherita’s areas of interest include the implementation of sustainable migration policies within the European context and the promotion of individuals’ agency, especially that of migrants and people with disabilities. She is currently finalizing her master’s thesis on the rights of people with disabilities in the Gambia.

After her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Margherita decided to pursue her academic career with a Master in Globalisation and Development studies at Maastricht University (Netherlands). The combination of these two, apparently distant, courses has taught her the importance to analyse contemporary issues through both critical and constructive approaches.

Her volunteering and working experiences, both in Italy and abroad, provided her with the possibility to deepen her knowledge on socio-economic problems and integration issues. The exposure to activities with children and adults with disabilities have taught her that the lack of knowledge and the refusal of individuals’ agency are significant causes of social exclusion. In addition, she has worked with refugees in Milan and this enriching experience has raised her interest towards migration and integration processes.

As a permanent author, Margherita will research on migration and she will publish articles on a regular basis.