Linda Latifaj

Research Associate

Linda Latifaj is research associate and public relations manager for A Path for Europe (PfEU). Her areas of interest include EU foreign policy and security, International Law, and the Western Balkans and their path to the EU.

Linda has her master’s degree in International Peace and Security from King’s College London, and a bachelor’s degree in Peace Studies from Manhattan College, New York, NY. While at King’s College London, her research centred on state-building and democratization initiatives in present-day Kosovo. Spread across philanthropic organizations, NGO’s, educational organizations, and the private sectors, Linda’s professional background includes program development, research analysis, and social media branding and strategy. Additionally, Linda is also fluent in Albanian.

As research associate and public relations manager, Linda will help develop research programs, organize events and publish articles on a regular basis, while overseeing PfEU’s communications activities.

Recent Publications by Linda Latifaj: