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A Path for Europe (PfEU) is not only a think tank but also an open and collaborative network of young scholars and professionals. We are constantly looking for excellent and inspiring individuals to join us in discovering the possibilities of the European Union. Since we are based in Berlin but home in Europe, our working language is English. PfEU was only recently founded in January 2020, which is why all positions are on a voluntary basis. Our aim is to receive public/private funding in order to compensate relevant positions in the future.

The different ways to join us suit your personal interests and your amount of time. Interested individuals are invited to send a CV and a writing sample to Please note that due to our focus on the young generations’ perspective on the future of the EU we can only accept applications from individuals who are not older than 35 years.


Research Associate / Permanent Author

As research associate or permanent author you have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the future of the European Union regularly.

Research associates are part of the core team of PfEU and on the forefront of our activities. Every research associate is part of a working group conducting research and policy advise for one of our policy fields. They also develop research programmes and organise events in Berlin. The role of a research associate is based in Berlin.

Permanent Authors can share their thoughts on the future of the European Union on our blog. Similar to research associates, permanent authors are part of a working group for one policy field. While research associates are more involved in building up the think tank in Berlin, permanent authors can be based around the world (also non-EU).

Guest Authors

If you cannot contribute permanently, we give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on the future of the European Union as a guest author. No matter if you are a young scholar, a young professional, freshly graduated or still studying. If you intend to share the findings of your thesis or your practise, do not hesitate to send your article/discussion post to


PfEU Future Hub – Volunteering around Europe.

Future Hubs are PfEU local representations around Europe. While we are a think tank based in Berlin, we do not intend to limit our activities to Berlin. Our Future Hubs offer a platform for young individuals to organise their own events, discussion forums, working groups or other projects on the future of the European Union in their local city. Future Hubs are an important corner stone of PfEU, as we have experienced that there exist strong differences on ideas for EU’s future in different member states. There is no clear path for Europe but several options on where the EU can go. Our national Future Hubs help us expanding our thoughts.

At the moment, we only have a Future Hub in Berlin. If you are interested in joining the PfEU Berlin Future Hub, contact

If you are interested in setting up a new PfEU Future Hub in your city, contact

You can also contact us directly through our contact form if you have any questions. 

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