Chibuye Changwe

Research Associate

Chibuye Changwe is a research associate for A Path for Europe. Her areas of interest include migrant integration and asylum policies in Europe, regional organisations and EU-African development corporation.

Chibuye has completed a Double Masters Degree from The United Nations University-Merit and Maastricht University, where she gained a Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development with specialisation in Regional Integration and Multilevel-Governance. She completed her master’s thesis, which looked at how earmarked funding from the EU to Ghana via the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) influences migration governance. She is currently in the process of publishing this work and continues to pursuit this field of research, looking at transregional governance of EU migration policy and how regional organisations contribute to solving domestic issues. Before this, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Bristol, reading a Bachelor of Science in Social Policy. Her interest in education and integration led her to research unaccompanied minors’ access to education in the Netherlands.

She has professional and voluntary experience in the nonprofit sector, Chibuye’s professional background includes communication, program development, research analysis and project evaluation management. Chibuye is a Dutch National with roots in Zambia. She is fluent in Dutch and English, and has intermediate knowledge in German.

Recent Publications by Chibuye Changwe: